Flynn is cool and collected, a little rough on the edges in smart diagonal stripes. Flynn will make a classic collar for every dapper dog in every season.

Material: 100% polyester (wear with blue, black or grey suit) / vintage necktie
Color: rich blues with diagonal stripes of white & light blue, as well as a diagonal “distressed” stripe


(For flat buckle collars ONLY! If you are getting a limited slip or martingale collar select: NO THANKS!)
(for limited slip or martingale ONLY!)
Choose your pattern / color! You can see the patterns here: https://atomiccollars.comminky-fleece/
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Choose your color!

If you're ordering a chain martingale, here's where you're going to pick your hardware color! Huzzah! Select "no thanks" if you are NOT getting a chain martingale.

** NOTE: Martingale chains can discolor the necks of lighter color dogs, giving them a "dirty" look where the hardware sits. This is typically caused from tarnish on the metal or sometimes a reaction to the metal. If you want to avoid this, opt for stainless steel chain hardware (only available in 1 inch) or a fabric martingale. Rose gold & gunmetal may not tarnish as much, though as they age their finishes can start to break down.

Another practice you can employ is frequent washing of the chain hardware to remove oils that lend to the metal tarnishing. Scrub with a mild detergent (one good for cleaning metal will work lovely), dry throughly and you're back in business! The longer your dog wears his or her chain martingale collar, the more tarnish may occur and more elbow grease you'll have to put into cleaning it.

If the "dirty" look doesn't go away after cleaning the hardware, take a break from the collar. When your pup clears up, see if the grey comes back to your dog's neck when he or she wears the martinale after it has been cleaned. It could be a reaction to the metal and we'll need to transition into a fabric martingale instead.
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Colors may vary from in hand vs on screen. We try to represent the colors as best we can. 

Types of collars: 


Flat Buckle 

Flat buckle features a side release buckle for closure. Sturdy black plastic that closes snugly and opens with a squeeze. A classic and great for all dogs!


Limited Slip Collar

Limited slip collars feature approx 3 inches of cinch. Great for pups who are prone to slipping out of their collars or if they need a little correction when walking. Limited slip collars are cousins to martingale collars!



Martingale collars cinch, but they can’t over cinch like a slip collar. Featuring two loops – the main loop fits on your pup, the secondary loop is smaller and where the leash clips. Great for dogs that slip collars, or dogs with long narrow necks (Greyhounds & sighthounds!).


Tag Collar

No D ring! Slip over your pup’s head and adjust for a comfortable fit. Clip your dog’s tags to the O ring and the tag collar is complete! Available in 3/4 inch wide to 2 inch wide – narrower widths on bigger dogs will look more like a necklace, while wider will look like a collar.


Double D Ring Collar

Double D ring collars feature a pair of D rings on each side of the side release buckle. SUPER secure! The leash clips to the two D rings & keeps pressure off of the buckle. Great for strong dogs who put their weight into a collar. A third D ring is the perfect place for clipping tags.


Breakaway Buckle Collar

Breakaway buckle collar. The buckle will pop open with a few pounds of pressure. Great for house collars where pups wrestle with each other, or if you wear a breakaway for doggie daycare. No 2 inch option. *** Do NOT use with a leash!!! This collar will pop open with pressure from the leash! ***


Walking Breakaway Collar

Just like the Breakaway Collar except a pair of D rings on each side of the breakaway buckle. Clip the leash to the D rings for a stroll around the neighborhood. When no leash is clipped to the D rings, the breakaway buckle will pop open with applied force. Great for doggie daycare or wrestling in the house.


*** For any collars that slip over the head (limited slip, martingale, tag collar & full slip collar) measure both around your dog’s neck and head. If her head size is the same size or smaller than her neck, use the neck measurement for size. If her head size is LARGER than her neck, order a size that will fit over her noggin then adjust to fit her neck! ***