New collars your dog needs:


Spring is on its way!

Small Batch Collars

Crafted from upcycled, SMALL BATCH found materials - each piece of material will make a limited amount of collars,
which means these collars are unique, limited edtion & have tons of personality. No more boring collars.

Found materials could be: neckties, bedding, curtains, leggings, pants, blouses, dishtowels and anything made from fabric!

Special series collections:

The Apron Collection

An apron once made out of very vintage ties, now a collection of stunning options for your collar!

The Necktie Bin Collection

From the red bin brimming with... neckties! Pick a Ready to Wear option or opt for a random draw from the bin for a SURPRISE Made to Order collar!

Formal Wear collection

Black tie, cocktail hour & weddings oh my!
Pick for an event or have your wedding colors
crafted into a cherished collar.

Bitchin collars in 4 widths:
3/4", 1", 1.5" & 2"

Not only are there 4 different collar widths available but there are 4 styles available:
flat buckle, martingale, limited slip and house collars & sized to fit from teenie to giant sized!

Jack (IG @ mr_jack_the_lab) looks dapper in his collar made from a table runner!

Many styles for the perfect collar:

Pick: martingale, limited slip, side release buckle, breakaway buckle or house collar!

We can add side release buckles to martingales & limited slip collar, Double up the D rings on side release buckles, add endlinks for Fi modules, and can make specialized training collars like full slip & clip around slip collars (by request only).

Ambassadors WANTED!

The perks:

Custom Savings Code

As an ambassador, you'll get a CUSTOM code that gives you 25% off EVERYTHING!


Your first collar is totally complimentary on us! It will be a suprise for color & pattern, but it's yours to keep & flaunt!

Email us at:
Or follow & message us on Instagram! @atomiccollar


We are looking for popular pups, sassy socialites, insta-famous dogs to wear, flaunt and spread the word about Atomic Collars. 

No, you don’t need a bazillion followers on Instagram to be an ambassador, but you do need to post actively to be considered.  Not into social media? If you’re a well traveled socialite who makes many patio and brewery appearances you too can be an ambassador!

** US dogs only /  1 free collar per ambassador / 1 unlimited use shareable savings code per ambassador / ambassadors may also get perks on new collars & products, per our discretion. 

BEFORE They were collars:
Examples of your materials into collars!