Corduroy, found commonly in pants, loved or loathed. As a collar, especially in this gorgeous raspberry color, we think Tina is quite stunning in corduroy.

(Did you know: the ribs of the corduroy are called wales. They are measured by how many wales per square inch. Feathercord has 20-25, pinwale has 16-23, regular wale has 10-14, wide wale has 6-10, and broad wale has 3-5. Tina is in the pinwale to feathercord range.)

Material: cotton corduroy / girl’s jeans

(For flat buckle collars ONLY! If you are getting a limited slip or martingale collar select: NO THANKS!)
(for limited slip or martingale ONLY!)
Choose your pattern / color! You can see the patterns here: https://atomiccollars.com/minky-fleece/
Add Fi endlinks to your 1.5 or 2 inch Made to Order Collar!
** NOT AVAILABLE for 3/4 or 1 inch wide Made to Order Collars**

** For flat buckle collars ONLY! If you are getting a limited slip or martingale collar select: NO THANKS!

** for limited slip, martingale and house collars ONLY

Choose your color!

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Colors from the screen will be different than in having the collar in hand. We try to represent them as accurately as possible.

Wash on a delicate cycle or hand wash and hang dry.

To measure your dog for the right collar size:
– measure around your dog’s neck – use a string, bandana, anything that loops around your dog’s neck
– add 1-2 fingers of space
– measure the length
– TA-DAH you have your dog’s neck size!


There are tons of unique patterns, colors and textures in clothing, bedding and more.

These make awesome collars & dog scarves, thusly giving the garment a new life!


Where are they made?

Each collar and scarf is crafted by hand in central Minnesota.  Material is often sourced locally, though there are pieces that come from around the country.

** Ready to Wear collars ship in approx 1 week from purchase.
** Made to Order collars will take 2-3 weeks to be created & shipped, longer during the holiday season.