Lumber Jane


Chic and charming with a little bling, Lumber Jane struts in a classic black and red buffalo check with a tiny thread of metallic gold woven in. Wear in the fall, winter and during the holidays! Single style.

Material: cotton / sleep pants

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Tie on for awesomeness!

Made from upcycled materials, neckerchiefs are playful ways to add pizzaz to your daily wardrobe. Shaped like a bandana without a point – a long rectangle with pointed ends.

You’ll meet 4 dapper styles defined by each material, (noted on each neckerchief).

  • Single – each edge is serged, the material is one layer, the reverse side of the material is visible
  • Doubled – the material is folded over and serged on 3 edges (one long edge, both short edges)
  • Double sided – two different fabrics, sewn edges with hidden seam (may also be serged on all edges)
  • Split – two fabrics, one for each “arm” of the neckerchief with a seam in the middle of the back