Lula Who?


Soft & supple, Lula Who is a bold pattern of skulls in gradation on slime green, perfect for the Halloween scene. (Or whenever you’re keen.)

Material: 92% polyester & 8% spandex/ leggings

Color: Purple faded to light purple skulls on lime green


  • Ready to Wear
  • 13 inch
  • 20 inch
  • Snap Close
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Sizing is custom, with each scarf designed to be 1-2 inches looser than your dog’s neck measurements.

10-14″ neck sizes will have a 3 inch –  6 inch width

15-18″ neck sizes will have a 4 inch –  7 inch width

19-21″ neck sizes will have a 5 inch –  8 inch width

22-24″neck  sizes will have a 6 inch – 8 inch width


Wash on a cold regular or delicate cycle, hang dry. (If this scarf does end up in the dryer, there may be a wee bit of shrinking). 

Bespoke / custom made items will take 2-4 weeks to be created & shipped
Ready to wear collars & scarves will be shipped within 1 week of purchase