Halloween Night


Bats, cats, pumpkins, ghosts and evil candy corn oh my! Halloween Night is a crisp black background with orange, white and yellow characters set in rows. A classic for Halloween. Single style.

Material: fleece lined leggings / 60% cotton 35% poly 5% spandex 

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Styles of neckerchiefs: 

  • Single – each edge serged, will see back of material
  • Doubled – material folded over, ends and one long edge serged, can be reversed though some patterns may be upside down on the “wrong” side
  • Two fabric – true reversible with two fabrics to make the scarf, classically sewn with hidden seams but also can be serged with each edge serged
  • Split – two fabrics sewn together in the middle giving each “arm” a different color/pattern, serged