Classic Christmas plaid of red and green give Gregory tons of personality. Wear for the holidays or the entire winter season! Single style, plaid will vary from neckerchief to neckerchief.

Material: cotton / sleep pants

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Tie on for awesomeness!

Made from upcycled materials, neckerchiefs are playful ways to add pizzaz to your daily wardrobe. Shaped like a bandana without a point – a long rectangle with pointed ends.

You’ll meet 4 dapper styles defined by each material, (noted on each neckerchief).

  • Single – each edge is serged, the material is one layer, the reverse side of the material is visible
  • Doubled – the material is folded over and serged on 3 edges (one long edge, both short edges)
  • Double sided – two different fabrics, sewn edges with hidden seam (may also be serged on all edges)
  • Split – two fabrics, one for each “arm” of the neckerchief with a seam in the middle of the back