Boba + Trooper


Bobba Fett & a storm trooper play ring around the pupper on this tiny little 9 inch scarf perfect for a Chihuahua, mini Dachshund, Italian Greyhound, or any other little puppers. (If your dog has a 9 inch or smaller neck this will fit!)

Material: polyester // bed sheet
Colors: Boba Fett & storm trooper, greens, reds, oranges, yellows
*can be reversed but the pattern is the same on both sides

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To fit a scarf:

– Measure your dog’s neck

– Add 3-4 inches to the measurements

– TA-DAH! You have the scarf measurement!


Wash on a cold regular or delicate cycle, hang dry. (If this scarf does end up in the dryer, there may be a wee bit of shrinking). 


Custom made items will take 2-4 weeks to be created & shipped

Ready to wear collars & scarves will be shipped within 1 week of purchase